Research Roundup: October 2021

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Research Roundup: October 2021

Here are summaries of a selection of the papers published by GCB faculty in October 2021:

Bone repair

Ashley Chi was part of a team that showed polydopamine-laced hydroxyapatite collagen material orients osteoclast behavior to an anti-resorptive pattern without compromising osteoclasts’ coupling to osteoblasts, which may help with bone defect repair. Read more

Stress Response

Ryan Baugh was part of a team that investigated investigate four independent models of intergenerational adaptations to stress in C. elegans - bacterial infection, eukaryotic infection, osmotic stress and nutrient stress - across multiple species. Read more 

Reviews & Editorials

Neil Surana and colleagues summarize the direct and indirect mechanisms by which the microbiota modulates susceptibility to, and severity of, infections, with a focus on immunological mechanisms. They also highlight some of the ways that modern-world lifestyles have influenced the structure-function relationship between the microbiota and infectious diseases.  Read more

Susanne Haga discusses the importance of patient and provider education for pharmacogenetic testing programs to minimize adverse responses related to secondary findings. Read more

Ashley Chi and colleague review recent evidence that suggest ferroptosis may be especially relevant as the metabolic Achilles' heel of metastatic cancer cells and how triggering ferroptosis may hold a significant therapeutic potential for preventing and treating metastatic cancer. Read more

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