Blue Devil Resistome Bass Connections Project Team

GCB has partnered with the Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine, the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and the Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology to form the Blue Devil Resistome Bass Connections project team.

To gain a better understanding of antibiotic resistance in our environment, how different types of antibiotic resistance spread and how to interfere with such spread, students will map the distribution of antibiotic-resistance genes across the Duke campus. The project will be highly multidisciplinary, engaging researchers and undergraduate and graduate students with backgrounds in biology, engineering, genomics, computational sciences, bioinformatics, global health and policy. The project will provide a concrete context for participating students to conduct research that has direct societal impact, with global implications. This will evolve into a long-term project for research and education.

The project will allow researchers to develop a better understanding of the potential risks associated with hospitals and healthcare centers, which may be generally relevant to similar facilities elsewhere. It will also allow us to evaluate intervention strategies that can curtail the spread of antibiotic resistance, again applicable beyond Duke. Scientifically, the work will generate a valuable resource for future multidisciplinary research on environmental microbes and infectious diseases.

To learn more, visit Bass Connections Blue Devil Resistome Project

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