Computational Biology Seminar

The Computational Biology Seminar is a weekly series of seminars on topics in computational biology presented by invited speakers, Duke faculty, and CBB doctoral and certificate graduate students.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Place: 4233 French

Date Speaker Institution Host Presentation Title
1/27 Zhirong Bao Sloan Kettering Institute Stefano Di Talia Systematic Single-Cell Analysis of Development:  Worm and Beyong
2/10 Stephanie Palmer University of Chicago Greg Field Canceled-Reschedule fall 2020
2/17 Rahul Satija New York Genome Center Greg Wray  Integrated analysis of single-cell data across modalities and technologies
2/24 Adam Cohen Harvard University Debraj Ghose  Synthetic electrophysiology
3/2 Gill Bejerano Stanford University Craig Lowe "Realizing Precision Medicine:  Automated Monogenic patient diagnosis and beyond"
3/16 No Seminar  
3/23 Ekta Khurana-Canceled Cornell Yuning Zhang Non-coding genetic variation
3/30 Ethan Garner-Canceled Harvard University Debraj Ghose