Susanne Haga, PhD

Susanne Haga, PhD

Associate Professor in Medicine

My research focuses on understanding what factors facilitate or impede the use of genomic medicine applications, both from the perspective of the patient/consumer and the health provider.

The Haga Lab's research focuses on test utilization and delivery models, how to effectively communicate genomic test results to patients, assisting patients with understanding the impact of the test result for their health, helping health providers obtain the knowledge resources they need to appropriately deliver genomic medicine, ethical/legal/social issues of genome sciences and genomic medicine, and public education. She is particularly interested in developing patient and provider education tools to help patients and providers better understand and discuss new genomic applications. Her work has resulted in numerous publications in leading journals and books. She has a strong interest in education, with each of her research projects involving some component of professional, public or patient education, including development of educational materials about genomic research in general, pharmacogenetic testing, and communicating genetic test results, in addition to undergraduate teaching. She currently serves as Education Director of the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology and the Duke Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine.

Dr. Haga is an Associate Professor (Track V) at Duke University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine, Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine. She also has a secondary appointment in the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University and is a member of the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology. Dr. Haga obtained her Ph.D. in Human Genetics from the University of Maryland and has previously held positions in the Office of Biotechnology Activities at the National Institutes of Health and the Venter Institute. 

Research Interests

Pharmacogenetic testing
Test delivery models
Patient and provider education