Matthew Hirschey, PhD

Matthew Hirschey, PhD

Associate Professor

Our research focuses on metabolism, with a particular interest in how cells use metabolites and chemical modifications to proteins in order to control these processes.

The Hirschey Lab in the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute, and the Departments of Medicine and Pharmacology & Cancer Biology at Duke University studies different aspects of metabolic control, mitochondrial signaling, and cellular processes regulating human health and disease

Recent Publications

Huynh, FK; Peterson, BS; Anderson, KA; Lin, Z; Coakley, AJ; Llaguno, FMS; Nguyen, T-TN; Campbell, JE; Stephens, SB; Newgard, CB; Hirschey, MD
August 31, 2020
Fox, DB; Garcia, NMG; McKinney, BJ; Lupo, R; Noteware, LC; Newcomb, R; Liu, J; Locasale, JW; Hirschey, MD; Alvarez, JV
April 1, 2020
Naiman, S; Huynh, FK; Gil, R; Glick, Y; Shahar, Y; Touitou, N; Nahum, L; Avivi, MY; Roichman, A; Kanfi, Y; Gertler, AA; Doniger, T; Ilkayeva, OR; Abramovich, I; Yaron, O; Lerrer, B; Gottlieb, E; Harris, RA; Gerber, D; Hirschey, MD; Cohen, HY
December 17, 2019
Assiri, MA; Ali, HR; Marentette, JO; Yun, Y; Liu, J; Hirschey, MD; Saba, LM; Harris, PS; Fritz, KS
December 10, 2019
Ericksen, RE; Lim, SL; McDonnell, E; Shuen, WH; Vadiveloo, M; White, PJ; Ding, Z; Kwok, R; Lee, P; Radda, GK; Toh, HC; Hirschey, MD; Han, W
May 7, 2019