Patrick Charbonneau, PhD

Patrick Charbonneau
(919) 613-6261
5329 French Science, 124 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708

Patrick Charbonneau, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Physics and CBB Program

My research focuses on the glass problem and on colloidal and protein self-assembly, using both theory and numerical simulations.

Professor Charbonneau studies soft matter. His work combines theory and simulation to understand the glass problem, protein crystallization, microphase formation, and colloidal assembly in external fields. He has thus far published more than 50 peer-reviewed papers on these topics, and co-organized a number of workshops, including “Particulate Matter: Does Dimensionality Matter?” in Dresden in 2010 and “Unifying Concepts in Glass Physics VI” in Aspen in 2015. Since joining Duke, Charbonneau has earned a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, a Sloan Fellowship, and an Oak Ridge National Lab Ralph E. Powe award, and been granted various visiting scientist positions.

Originally from Montreal, Patrick Charbonneau obtained his Ph.D. in chemical physics from Harvard University in 2006 and was then a Marie-Curie Fellow at Amolf, in Amsterdam, before joining Duke in 2008. He was appointed as an Associate Professor of Chemistry in 2015.

Recent Publications

Norman, J; Sorrell, EL; Hu, Y; Siripurapu, V; Garcia, J; Bagwell, J; Charbonneau, P; Lubkin, SR; Bagnat, M
September 24, 2018
Reyes, C; Fu, L; Suthanthiraraj, PPA; Owens, CE; Shields, CW; López, GP; Charbonneau, P; Wiley, BJ
July 1, 2018
Charbonneau, B; Charbonneau, P; Szamel, G
June 1, 2018
Altan, I; Fusco, D; Afonine, PV; Charbonneau, P
March 1, 2018