For Prepared Libraries

We do accept prepared libraries for sequencing. However, we do not guarantee the sequencing results for any customer prepared libraries. 

For MiSeq and NextSeq:

Prepared libraries should be sent at ≥10 nM.  A volume of 15ul at the minimum is required. Concentration should ideally be determined using fluorometric means (picogreen/Qubit).   If you are pooling your libraries, the final pool should also be at at ≥10 nM with a volume of at least 15ul.

For NovaSeq:

If you are submitting libraires for us to pool,  each library to be pooled should be at ≥10 nM and have a volume of 15ul or more. 

If you are submitting already pooled libraries, concentration and volume requirements will change depending on the flow cell you will be sequencing your library pool on.

 S-Prime and S1 full flow cells S2 full flow cell S4 full flow cell Sequencing by the lane
regardless of flow cell type
Molarity required (in nM) 20nM 20nM 20nM 10nM
Volume required  (in ul) 30ul 45ul 100ul 15ul

When submitting one library or a few pool of libraries, please submit in a 1.5mL Eppendorf tube. Make sure to write the sample number listed on your order sample sheet on the top the tube.

Should you submit more than one library for us to pool,  please use polypropylene PCR plates. We recommend the Olympus 96-Well PCR Plate, Semi-Skirted (Genesee Scientific # 27-108). Please firmly seal plates with a foil plate seal capable of withstanding -20C temperatures. We recommend the Thermo Scientific™ Adhesive PCR Foil Plate Seal (Fisher AB-0626). Please clearly label plates with the order number and library number range clearly marked (e.g 4596_L01-L96). If you have more than one plate please also number the plates (e.g  4596_L01-L96_Plate1,  4596_L97-L192_plate2). A 96-well plate must be full before submitting another plate.

Any plate submitted must be clear and semi-skirted! We will not accept full-skirted, deep well, round-bottom, or flat-bottom plates!

Libraries should be loaded on the plate in columns and not in rows!   Library 1 should be in well A1,  Library 2 in well B1, Library 3 in C1, etc.