Pacbio Sequel

The PacBio Sequel sequencer is a third-generation sequencer able to sequence single molecules in real-time without any sample amplification. The Single Molecule Real-Time (SMRTTM) technology is unique and novel. It makes possible the direct observation of DNA synthesis by a DNA polymerase, which offers three major advantages compared to other sequencing technology:

  • Long read length (up to 40 kb and average >10 kb)
  • High consensus accuracy
  • Least GC bias
  • No amplification bias
  • Direct epigenetic modification observation from native DNA

Each read has an 85 percent accuracy per molecule. However, since sequencing errors are random, this technology can reach more than 99.9 percent with alignment consensus or with circular consensus sequences (CCS; also called reads of insert).

We offer both library preparation and sequencing services. We can provide library preparation for your amplicons and for your high molecular weight gDNA for whole genome assembly or structural variation studies. Note that amplicons need to have tight size distribution to be sequenced successfully. We also provide transcriptome sequencing (Iso-Seq method). The long reads generated by PacBio sequencing provide full-length reads spanning entire transcript isoforms from the 5' end to the polyA-tail.

The PacBio Sequel delivers about one million reads per SMRT cell. The Sequel System is ideal for projects such as rapidly and cost-effectively generating high-quality whole genome de novo assemblies.

Total Yield   Reads    Average Read Length   Average Subread Length
~4 Gb/SMRT Cell   ~1 M/SMRT cell   ~10 kb ~7 kb*

*Specification based on a 15-20 kb insert library. Average subread length can vary depending on insert size and DNA input quality.