Targeted Metabolomics Fatty Acids

Targeted differential expression metabolomics characterizes the changes in the metabolome as a function of biological challenges. These experiments can be hypothesis generating or hypothesis testing. Fatty acid sources include triglycerides and phospholipids. Fatty acids are important fuel source because their metabolism provides larges quantities of ATP. Many cell types can use either glucose or fatty acids for this purpose. This fatty acid panel quantitates 18 fatty acids.

  • Full support - experimental design, sample preparation and analysis, initial data analysis
  • State-of-the-art LC/MS/MS based technology using multiple reaction monitoring
  • Rigorous quality control
  • High throughput, high sensitivity and high reproducibility
FA 20:5 omega-3 (EPA)FA 18:2 omega-6 (LA)FA 20:3 omega-9
FA 20:5 omega-6 (EPA)FA 22:5 omega-6FA 22:4 omega-6
FA 18:3 omega-3 (ALA)FA 22:4 omega-3FA 16:0 (palmitic acid)
FA 22:6 omega-3 (DHA)FA 22:4 omega-3FA 18:1 (oleic acid)
FA 16:1 (palmitoleic acid)FA 17:1FA 18:0 (stearic acid)
FA 20:4 omega-6 (AA)FA 20:3 omega-6FA 20:0
FA 22:5 omega-3


FA 16:0 ratio line graph


  1. Fatty acid assay
  2. LC/MS/MS
  3. Data workup

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