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Our Mission

The mission of GCB is to catalyze innovative, interdisciplinary research in genomic and computational biology. Our research faculty come from diverse backgrounds and work collaboratively to solve problems that can't easily be tackled within traditional departments. We are committed to training and education through a variety of classes, workshops, and experiential learning programs. GCB also enables research across campus through its data-generating, analysis, and computational shared resources.



The mission of the the Duke University Program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics is to train predoctoral students to become leaders at the interdisciplinary intersection of quantitative and biomedical sciences, using sophisticated computational methods to address contemporary challenges across biology and medicine.

Message from the Director

We're excited to offer graduate training in cutting-edge computational biology and bioinformatics. We encourage students take full advantage of the creativity-driven, highly interdisciplinary research environment at Duke. With participating faculty from Engineering, Medicine, and Arts & Sciences, students can choose from a wide range of research and training opportunities. I encourage you to explore our website for more information and to contact individual faculty members whose research interests you.

Trainee Profiles

4th year CBB Student. Raluca Gordan Lab
3rd year CBB Student Tim Reddy Lab
3rd year CBB Student Bruce Donald Lab