Research Publications

Age, genotype, and environment shape the root and leaf microbiomes of a wild perennial plant

Wagner, MR; Lundberg, DS; del Rio, TG; Tringe, SG; Dangl, JL; Mitchell-Olds, T.

QTL mapping in three rice populations uncovered new major genomic regions regulating African rice gall midge severity

Ndjondjop, MN; Yao, N; Lee, CR; Semagn, K; Nwilene, F; Sow, ; Kolade, O; Bocco, R; Oyetunji, O; Mitchell-Olds, T.

Sex-biased admixture and assortative mating shape genetic variation and influence demographic inference in admixed Cabo Verdeans

Korunes, KL; Soares-Souza, GB; Bobrek, K; Tang, H; Araújo, II; Goldberg, A; Beleza, S.

Coupled myovascular expansion directs growth and regeneration of the neonatal mouse heart

DeBenedittis, P; Karpurapu, A; Henry, A; Thomas, MC; McCord, TJ; Brezitski, K; Prasad, A; Kobayashi, Y; Shah, SH; Kontos, CD; Tata, PR; Lumbers, RT; Karra, R.

Ferroptotic stress promotes the accumulation of pro-inflammatory proximal tubular cells in maladaptive renal repair

Ide, S; Kobayashi, Y; Ide, K; Strausser, SA; Herbek, S; O’Brien, LL; Crowley, SD; Barisoni, L; Tata, A; Tata, PR; Souma, T.