Research Publications

The effects of low-carbohydrate diets on the metabolic response to androgen-deprivation therapy in prostate cancer

Chi, J-T; Lin, P-H; Tolstikov, V; Oyekunle, T; Galván Alvarado, GC; Ramirez-Torres, A; Chen, EY; Bussberg, V; Chi, B; Greenwood, B; Sarangarajan, R; Narain, NR; Kiebish, MA; Freedland, SJ.

Childhood trauma and telomere maintenance

Shalev, I; Moffitt, TE; Caspi, A.

Predicting Vibrio cholerae infection and disease severity using metagenomics in a prospective cohort study

Levade, I; Saber, MM; Midani, F; Chowdhury, F; Khan, AI; Begum, YA; Ryan, ET; David, LA; Calderwood, SB; Harris, JB; LaRocque, RC; Qadri, F; Shapiro, BJ; Weil, AA.

Nasal microbiota exhibit neither reproducible nor orderly dynamics following rhinoviral infection

Nimmagadda, SN; Midani, FS; Durand, H; Reese, AT; Murdoch, C; Nicholson, BP; Veldman, T; Burke, TW; Zaas, AK; Woods, CW; Ginsburg, G; David, LA.

Balancing selection maintains ancient genetic diversity in C. elegans

Lee, D; Zdraljevic, S; Stevens, L; Wang, Y; Tanny, RE; Crombie, TA; Cook, DE; Webster, AK; Chirakar, R; Baugh, LR; Sterken, MG; Braendle, C; Félix, M-A; Rockman, MV; Andersen, EC.

Genetic considerations relevant to intracranial hemorrhage and brain arteriovenous malformations

Kim, H; Marchuk, DA; Pawlikowska, L; Chen, Y; Su, H; Yang, GY; Young, WL.

Statistical inference for dynamical systems: a review

McGoff, K; Mukherjee, S; Pillai, NS.

Age, genotype, and environment shape the root and leaf microbiomes of a wild perennial plant

Wagner, MR; Lundberg, DS; del Rio, TG; Tringe, SG; Dangl, JL; Mitchell-Olds, T.

QTL mapping in three rice populations uncovered new major genomic regions regulating African rice gall midge severity

Ndjondjop, MN; Yao, N; Lee, CR; Semagn, K; Nwilene, F; Sow, ; Kolade, O; Bocco, R; Oyetunji, O; Mitchell-Olds, T.