Research Publications

Simplified voronoi diagrams

Canny, J; Donald, B. October 1, 1987

Everyday problem solving in adulthood and old age.

Cornelius, SW; Caspi, A. June 1, 1987

Moving Against the World: Life-Course Patterns of Explosive Children

Caspi, A; Elder, GH; Bem, DJ. January 1, 1987

Linking person and context in the daily stress process.

Caspi, A; Bolger, N; Eckenrode, J. January 1, 1987

The human keratin genes and their differential expression.

Fuchs, E; Tyner, AL; Giudice, GJ; Marchuk, D; RayChaudhury, A; Rosenberg, M. January 1, 1987

Analysis of local variation in plant size.

Mitchell-Olds, T. January 1, 1987

Bootstrapping the Gini coefficient of inequality

Dixon, PM; Weiner, J; Mitchell Olds, T; Woodley, R. January 1, 1987

Self-perceptions of intellectual control and aging

Cornelius, SW; Caspi, A. January 1, 1986

Ontogeny, phylogeny and evolution of form: An algorithmic approach

Frederik Nijhout, H; Wray, GA; Kremen, C; Teragawa, CK. January 1, 1986

Quantitative genetics in natural plant populations: A review of the theory

Mitchell Olds, T; Rutledge, JJ. January 1, 1986

Genetic load and heterozygosity in the Pinaceae

Mitchell Olds, T; Guries, RP. January 1, 1986

Linking family hardship to children's lives.

Elder, GH; Nguyen, TV; Caspi, A. April 1, 1985