Research Publications

The Hippo Pathway Effector TAZ Regulates Ferroptosis in Renal Cell Carcinoma.

Yang, W-H; Ding, C-KC; Sun, T; Rupprecht, G; Lin, C-C; Hsu, D; Chi, J-T. September 3, 2019

Polar-opposite fates.

Ma, HR; You, L. September 1, 2019

Unexpected implications of STAT3 acetylation revealed by genetic encoding of acetyl-lysine.

Belo, Y; Mielko, Z; Nudelman, H; Afek, A; Ben-David, O; Shahar, A; Zarivach, R; Gordan, R; Arbely, E. September 1, 2019

Jumping at the chance for precise DNA integration.

Kwon, JB; Gersbach, CA. September 1, 2019

AAV9 Edits Muscle Stem Cells in Normal and Dystrophic Adult Mice.

Nance, ME; Shi, R; Hakim, CH; Wasala, NB; Yue, Y; Pan, X; Zhang, T; Robinson, CA; Duan, SX; Yao, G; Yang, NN; Chen, S-J; Wagner, KR; Gersbach, CA; Duan, D. September 1, 2019

Intergenerational effects of early adversity on survival in wild baboons

Zipple, MN; Archie, EA; Tung, J; Altmann, J; Alberts, SC. September 1, 2019

Neutrophils promote tumor resistance to radiation therapy.

Wisdom, AJ; Hong, CS; Lin, AJ; Xiang, Y; Cooper, DE; Zhang, J; Xu, ES; Kuo, H-C; Mowery, YM; Carpenter, DJ; Kadakia, KT; Himes, JE; Luo, L; Ma, Y; Williams, N; Cardona, DM; Haldar, M; Diao, Y; Markovina, S; Schwarz, JK; Kirsch, DG. September 1, 2019

Assortative mating by population of origin in a mechanistic model of admixture

Goldberg, A; Rastogi, A; Rosenberg, N. August 21, 2019

Plug-and-Play Protein Modification Using Homology-Independent Universal Genome Engineering.

Gao, Y; Hisey, E; Bradshaw, TWA; Erata, E; Brown, WE; Courtland, JL; Uezu, A; Xiang, Y; Diao, Y; Soderling, SH. August 21, 2019

Epithelial delamination is protective during pharmaceutical-induced enteropathy.

Espenschied, ST; Cronan, MR; Matty, MA; Mueller, O; Redinbo, MR; Tobin, DM; Rawls, JF. August 20, 2019

Transcriptome clarifies mechanisms of lesion genesis versus progression in models of Ccm3 cerebral cavernous malformations.

Koskimäki, J; Zhang, D; Li, Y; Saadat, L; Moore, T; Lightle, R; Polster, SP; Carrión-Penagos, J; Lyne, SB; Zeineddine, HA; Shi, C; Shenkar, R; Romanos, S; Avner, K; Srinath, A; Shen, L; Detter, MR; Snellings, D; Cao, Y; Lopez-Ramirez, MA; Fonseca, G; Tang, AT; Faber, P; Andrade, J; Ginsberg, M; Kahn, ML; Marchuk, DA; Girard, R; Awad, IA. August 19, 2019

Correction to: Ancient polymorphisms contribute to genome-wide variation by long-term balancing selection and divergent sorting in Boechera stricta.

Wang, B; Mojica, JP; Perera, N; Lee, C-R; Lovell, JT; Sharma, A; Adam, C; Lipzen, A; Barry, K; Rokhsar, DS; Schmutz, J; Mitchell-Olds, T. August 9, 2019

Open Chromatin Profiling in Adipose Tissue Marks Genomic Regions with Functional Roles in Cardiometabolic Traits.

Cannon, ME; Currin, KW; Young, KL; Perrin, HJ; Vadlamudi, S; Safi, A; Song, L; Wu, Y; Wabitsch, M; Laakso, M; Crawford, GE; Mohlke, KL. August 8, 2019

The next generation of CRISPR-Cas technologies and applications.

Pickar-Oliver, A; Gersbach, CA. August 1, 2019

Physiological responses to sacral nerve stimulation in rodent colon

Barth, BB; Grill, WM; Shen, X. August 1, 2019

Pleiotropic Meta-Analysis of Cognition, Education, and Schizophrenia Differentiates Roles of Early Neurodevelopmental and Adult Synaptic Pathways.

Lam, M; Hill, WD; Trampush, JW; Yu, J; Knowles, E; Davies, G; Stahl, E; Huckins, L; Liewald, DC; Djurovic, S; Melle, I; Sundet, K; Christoforou, A; Reinvang, I; DeRosse, P; Lundervold, AJ; Steen, VM; Espeseth, T; Räikkönen, K; Widen, E; Palotie, A; Eriksson, JG; Giegling, I; Konte, B; Hartmann, AM; Roussos, P; Giakoumaki, S; Burdick, KE; Payton, A; Ollier, W; Chiba-Falek, O; Attix, DK; Need, AC; Cirulli, ET; Voineskos, AN; Stefanis, NC; Avramopoulos, D; Hatzimanolis, A; Arking, DE; Smyrnis, N; Bilder, RM; Freimer, NA; Cannon, TD; London, E; Poldrack, RA; Sabb, FW; Congdon, E; Conley, ED; Scult, MA; Dickinson, D; Straub, RE; Donohoe, G; Morris, D; Corvin, A; Gill, M; Hariri, AR; Weinberger, DR; Pendleton, N; Bitsios, P; Rujescu, D; Lahti, J; Le Hellard, S; Keller, MC; Andreassen, OA; Deary, IJ; Glahn, DC; Malhotra, AK; Lencz, T. August 1, 2019