Duke Funding Opportunities

Graduate Student Training Enhancement Grants

The Office of the Provost seeks applications from Duke PhD students who wish to pursue a remote summer internship with an off-campus host. This opportunity is limited to PhD students without any funding for Summer 2021.
Deadline: 5 P.M. March 22, 2021

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Duke CFAR / Duke Microbiome Center Joint Partnership Pilot Award

Announcing a new joint partnership funding opportunity between the Duke University Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) and the Duke Microbiome Center (DMC) that is intended to foster new inter-center collaborations. The award is up to $60K in direct costs for up to 1 year. The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support research aimed at elucidating the interplay between the microbiome and immune responses relevant to HIV-1, AIDS, or AIDS-related opportunistic infections and malignancies.  
Deadline for Letter of Intent: April 16

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Duke Incubation Fund

The Duke Incubation Fund (the “Fund”) supports idea-stage projects at Duke University. The Fund makes a number of awards each year to teams and companies to support novel ideas, applied research, potential products, nascent services, and creative projects that, if successful, will lead to new opportunities in the market. To receive funding, projects must demonstrate a potential path to subsequent financial support, new company formation, licensing, partnering, or other channels to enable translation.
Deadline: April 23

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Duke Microbiome Center (DMC) Development Grants

DMC supports microbiome science at Duke University through pilot project funding. The objective of the DMC Development Grant program is to support interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects in the microbiome sciences at Duke University. Awards are up to $60,000.
Deadline: May 1

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Duke/RTI Collaborative Translational Research Grants

This pilot program is designed to facilitate novel clinical and translational research that applies or accelerates discovery into testing in clinical or population settings. Projects will advance solutions by applying discoveries generated during research in the laboratory, and in preclinical studies in the areas of medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, High Throughput Screening (HTS) and assay development, in vitro absorption–distribution–metabolism–excretion–toxicity (ADMET) and pharmacology and in vivo pharmacokinetics in clinical or population settings. Awards are up to $50,000.
Deadline for Mandatory Letter of Intent: May 21 

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