RT-PCR (ABI 7900 HT)

RT-PCR (ABI 7900 HT)
  • Use of the ABI 7900 HT for Real-Time assays or plate reads. This is a charged instrument service, please refer to pricing.
  • First time users please email Heather Hemric to schedule a tutorial before using the machine.
  • The RT-PCR machine is located in 2196AB CIEMAS Building.
  • The 96-well block is the default configuration. The 384-well block and TLDA microfluidic card block are available but requires special scheduling.
  • Online reservations are required to schedule use of this instrument.
  • RT-PCR Information and Instructions for reserving use of the instrument.
  • Contact Heather Hemric with any questions: hhemric@duke.edu