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Fluidigm RT-PCR Services

Fluidigm’s Integrated Fluidic circuit (IFC) and NanoFlex Valve technology enables the rapid, efficient, highly parallel, and reproducible analysis of tens-to-hundreds of genetic markers, across hundreds-or-thousands of DNA samples, in hours instead of days or weeks. Fluidigm’s technology supports genomics-based applications such as high throughput RT-PCR, single-cell gene expression and RNA-seq library preparation, SNP genotyping. Other available technologies include copy number variation, protein expression and digital PCR. Please check their website to learn more about Fluidigm Biomark HD system.

Experiment Design

Please contact us at microarraylab@duke.edu to discuss your experimental design and service needs prior to submitting samples to the facility. Submissions will only be accepted after a meeting has occurred.

Sample & Primers

Sample Requirment: total RNA 10~100 ng. Primers: Taqman or DeltaGene/SYBRGreen primers. Please contact us for details on sample & primer preparation.

Service Pricing

Please contact the Microarray Shared Resource at microarray@duke.edu for Fluidigm service pricing.