Sample Processing and QC

Sample Processing

Focused untrasonicator

Covaris DNA Shearing

The versatility of the S220 Focused-ultrasonicator makes it possible to bring the advantages of AFA to numerous biological and chemical applications including, DNA, RNA, and chromatin shearing, tissue homogenization, cell lysis, compound dissolution, and particle micronization. Refer to Covaris to learn more.

Biomek FXT Laboratory Automation Workstation

Biomek FXp

Biomek FXP Laboratory Automation Workstation provides an accurate and reproducible solution for high throughput liquid handling of samples.


NanoDrop spectrophotometer and fluorospectrometer

NanoDrop 8000

NanoDrop is a cuvette free spectrophotometer and fluorospectrometer system used to quantitate micro-volumes of sample. NanoDrop 8000 allows up to eight micro-volume samples (0.5 ul - 2.0 ul) to be measured simultaneously.


Agilent Bioanalyzer

The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer system provides sizing, quantitation and quality control of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells on a single platform, providing high quality digital data.

qubit fluorometer

Qubit Fluorometer

The Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer quantitates DNA, RNA, and protein with unprecedented accuracy, sensitivity, and simplicity. It is designed for molecular biology labs that work with precious samples that are rare or difficult to process, and applications requiring precise measurement such as real-time PCR.