GCB Welcomes New Members

Anne Yoder and Purushothamma Rao Tata
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GCB Welcomes New Members

This fall, GCB welcomed two new members: Anne Yoder, Ph.D., and Purushothama Rao Tata, Ph.D.

Yoder is the Braxton Craven Distinguished Professor of Evolutionary Biology. Her work integrates field inventory activities with molecular phylogenetic techniques and geospatial analysis to investigate Madagascar. Her lab aims to understand Madagascar’s evolutionary history and biological complexity and hopes to contribute to a global effort to conserve and protect what remains of its unique biota.
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Tata is an assistant professor of cell biology. His work utilizes genetic, live imaging, cell biological and next generation sequencing technologies including single-cell RNA sequencing to study the behavior of tissues at single cell level. He uses mouse models of disease that recapitulate the human disease pathology.
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