GCB microgrants to replace pilot projects

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GCB microgrants to replace pilot projects

To foster and facilitate rapid progress in genomics research, the Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB) will begin awarding microgrants on a rolling basis. The microgrants projects will replace the Pilot Projects initiative and will allow not only for more collaboration between GCB faculty members and faculty outside of GCB, but will also fund higher risk projects.

The Center intends to award 10 to 20 microgrants per year. Each grant will be limited to $5,000. To apply, submit a one-half page document describing the project. Preference will be given to those who can show how their project will facilitate genomics research, foster new collaborations, provide pilot data for an upcoming grant application, and/or develop a new technology (wet or computational). High risk/high reward projects are encouraged.  In addition, PIs should submit a budget justification and the names of the GCB and non-GCB faculty involved. Solo applications are allowed if they meet the other criteria.

PIs who receive a microgrant will be asked to provide a brief report at the end of their funding to describe their research and next steps.

Applications should be sent to Ytina Mangum.

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