New Genomic Medicine Collaboratory to serve as nexus for genetics, genomics community

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New Genomic Medicine Collaboratory to serve as nexus for genetics, genomics community

Genomics and genomic medicine are rapidly evolving fields. As the power of genomics continues to be realized, Duke School of Medicine is placing a higher priority on genomics-based research. In “Leading the Next Generation of Discovery and Impact,” an extension to the 2016 Strategic Plan, Duke School of Medicine announced its intention to launch the new Duke Genomic Medicine Collaboratory as the nexus for the genetics and genomics community at Duke. The new collaboratory will spur innovations in precision medicine, genetics and genomics to achieve distinguished impacts in genetics-based discoveries, research methods, and translational to clinical care. CAGPM Director Geoff Ginsburg and GCB Director Greg Wray participated in the deliberations about the new collaboratory.

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