New GCB Core engages in microbiome profiling

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New GCB Core engages in microbiome profiling

GCB is excited to announce the creation of its fifth core facility. The Microbiome Shared Resource (MSR) will serve as a centralized hub to enhance existing interactions with the Duke Microbiome Center, the Duke Cancer Institute and the Genomic Analysis and Bioinformatics shared resource to address the role of microbial systems in human healthcare, food production and environmental restoration.

MSR will provide access to a variety of services that enable researchers the ability to focus on microbial communities (bacteria, fungi and virus), immune oncology, cancer research and infectious disease.

“By partnering with other Duke resources,” said MSR director Holly Dressman, “we are excited to provide the research community a comprehensive range of services that will help enhance microbiome research from the onset of experimental design through data analysis support.”

Through their support from the Duke Microbiome Center, investigators will also benefit from the intellectual and educational environment that will enable a collaborative research environment.

Visit the Microbiome Shared Resource to learn more about their services. The core is located in 2208B CIEMAS.

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