RCR Training: Deadline for Compliance: June 30, 2018

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RCR Training: Deadline for Compliance: June 30, 2018

Choose ONE option below to complete Responsible Conduct for Research (RCR) Training:

  1. Online CITI RCR Course (approximately 1.5 - 3 hours)
  2. In-Person RCR Workshop (registration required, 2.5 hours. Dates: April 30 and May 25)
  3. Self-Assessment Competency Test (online exam via Duke LMS, 90% passing score)
    Click the "Launch" button to start the appropriate self-assessment:
    Faculty Self-Assessment Competency Test
    Staff (non-faculty) Self-Assessment Competency Test
  4. Recent RCR Training - Faculty and Staff Criteria
    Need documentation of participation in Duke RCR Program within the last two years. LEADER course and SOM New Faculty Orientation research integreity/RCR sessions satisfy requirement
    Provide proof of recent Duke RCR Training

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