GCB Newsletter Volume 3: Fall 2018

artistic rendering of a strand of DNA
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GCB Newsletter Volume 3: Fall 2018

Highlights to the current issue include:

  • Targeted epigenome editing as 'next generation drugs' for Parkinson's disease
  • New Genomic Medicine Collaboratory to serve as nexus for genetics, genomics community
  • Element Genomics acquired by global pharmaceuticals company
  • New Funding
  • Chris Nelson earns K99 grant
  • New undergrad course offers comprehensive overview of genome science tech
  • Tagliafierro receives grant to examine associations between aging, genetics, and Alzheimer's disease
  • Inaugural Summer Scholars Program Wrap Ups in End-of-Summer Poster Session
  • New GCB Collaboration Brings German Researchers, Scholars Stateside
  • Updates from the Cores
  • 2018 Fall SOM Core Facility Voucher Program

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