Research Roundup: July 2020

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Research Roundup: July 2020

Here are summaries of a selection of the papers published by GCB faculty in July 2020:

Covid Related

As the world battles COVID-19, people have been asked to practice social distancing. Terrie Moffitt, Avshalom Caspi and team examined whether one type of social distancing behavior—reduced movement outside the home—was associated with conventional health behaviors. Read more 


Lawrence David was part of a team that used machine learning to resolve species, strains, gene families, and cellular pathways in the microbiome at the time of exposure to Vibrio cholerae to identify markers that predict infection and symptoms. Read more 

Doug Marchuk was part of a team that identified endothelial secretion of a protein coding gene and versican cleavage as downstream mechanisms of CCM pathogenesis, which provides a basis for wild-type endothelial cells participation in lesion formation. Read more 

Gene Expression

Greg Crawford was part of a team that profiled genome-wide changes in chromatin accessibility and expression during regeneration of amputated zebrafish fins. They assessed both whole tissue samples and purified fibroblasts from regenerating fins. Read more

New models

Doug Marchuk and team developed an inducible Cerebral cavernous malformations mouse model that develops Cerebral cavernous malformations after weaning and provides a longer period for potential therapeutic intervention. Read more


Ashley Chi and team reviewed several studies that have investigated ferroptosis. They focused on the biological crosstalk between the DNA damage response and ferroptosis. Read more

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