Student-Faculty Show: “Duke’s Avengers: Civil Ward”

Student-Faculty Show: “Duke’s Avengers: Civil Ward”

March 9, 2019 5:00pm

Location: Duke’s Page Auditorium

On March 9th, 2019, the Duke University School of Medicine will be holding its annual Student-Faculty Show entitled  “Duke’s Avengers: Civil Ward.” The entirely student-run show offers a comedic view of the medical student experience at Duke.

We invite you and your faculty to attend the show, which will start at 5:00pm in Duke’s Page Auditorium. The proceeds from our annual event benefit a local charity, and this year we have selected the Durham Striders Youth Association, which provides training in track & field for local children (ages 6-18) of all backgrounds, with a particular focus on disadvantaged and minority students. The program not only enables children to develop their individual athletic potential but also to learn about discipline, leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility, and character. Combining educational programming with athletic training, the Striders program addresses important issues such as drug awareness and education, teenage sexuality, ethnic diversity, child self-protection skills, career and vocational development.

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