Computational Biology Seminar

The Computational Biology Seminar is a weekly series of seminars on topics in computational biology presented by invited speakers, Duke faculty, and CBB doctoral and certificate graduate students.

Spring 2021 SCHEDULE

Time: 12p-1:00p
Place:  All spring 2021 seminars will be remote via Zoom
Meeting ID: 
 956 9494 4995
Contact: Tasha Allison 

Date Speaker Institution Host Presentation Title
1/25 Purushothama Rao Tata Duke University Simon Gregory Integrated approaches to define cells and cell states in health and disease
2/1 Ekta Khurana Cornell University Yuning Zhang Non-coding genetic variation in cancer
2/8 Matthew Hirschey Duke University Tim Reddy Data-drive Hypothesis: a resource for biological discovery
2/15 Jason Ji Duke University Cliburn Chan Computational Methods for Decoding Gene Regulation in Single Cells
2/22 Lea A. Geontoro- Cancelled until fall 2021 University of Wisconsin-Madison Daniel Lew Inducing rengeneration across animals with dietary supplements
3/1 Rob Mitra Washington University in St. Louis Raluca Gordân  How do transcription factors achieve their specificities in vivo?
3/8 Daniel Reker Duke University Bruce Donald Computer-assisted drug discovery and delivery
3/15 Ethan Garner Harvard University Debraj Ghose Using single-molecule imaging to understand how bacteria grow as rods and control their rate of growth
3/22 Robert Patro University of Maryland College Park Niven Singh Tell me something I don't know:  The role of inferential uncertainty in bulk and single-cell RNA-seq analysis
3/29 Chongzhi Zang University of Virginia Scarlett Zhou Integrative computational approaches for modeling transcriptional regulation
4/5 Christina Leslie Sloan Kettering Harshit Sahay The 3D genome and predictive models of gene regulation