Computational Biology Seminar Fall 2021

The Computational Biology Seminar is a weekly series of seminars on topics in computational biology presented by invited speakers, Duke faculty, and CBB doctoral and certificate graduate students.

Fall 2021 SCHEDULE

Time: 12 - 1 P.M.
Place:  All fall 2021 seminars will be remote via Zoom
Meeting ID:
Zoom Meeting ID: 933 3989 3752; Passcode: 608166
Contact: Tasha Allison 

Date Speaker Institution Host Presentation Title
August 30 Xiaoyu Song Mount Sinai Changxin Wan

A statistical method for cell-type specific transcriptome-wide association study with bulk mammary tissue for breast cancer risk

September 13 Bo Lu UT Southwestern Scarlett Zou

Antigen-independent de novo prediction of cancer-associated T cells for non- invasive cancer detection

September 20 Wouter Meulemann Altius Institute Harshit Sahay

Mapping and Navigating the Human Regulatory Genome

September 27 TBA
October 11 TBA
October 18 Matthew Bennett Rice University Lingchong You

Multicellular synthetic biology: Understanding the design principles of intercellular communication

October 25 Britta Velten German Cancer Research Center Kim Roche/Harshit Sahay Probabilistic models for an integrative analysis of multi-omics data
November 1 Sara Mostafavi University of Washington Veronica Russell Machine learning as an assay for high-dimensional biology
November 8 Edouard Hannezo  Institute of Science & Technology Stefano Di Talia TBA
November 15 Lea Goentoro  University of Wisconsin -Madison Danny Lew  Promoting appendage or limb regeneration
November 22 Chloe-Agathe Azencott Mines ParisTech Devang Thakkar TBA
November 29 TBA
December 6 Muhammad H. Zaman Boston University Christian Richardson Systems Level Understanding and Modeling of Antimicrobial Resistance in Complex Public Health Environments: From Molecular Mechanisms to Government Policy