Computational Biology Seminar

The Computational Biology Seminar is a weekly series of seminars on topics in computational biology presented by invited speakers, Duke faculty, and CBB doctoral and certificate graduate students.

Fall 2017 SCHEDULE

Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Place: 4233 French

9/11Town Hall MeetingPaul MagweneFor CBB Students Only
9/18Paul MedvedevPenn State UniversityAlex HarteminkAssembly of Big Genomic Data
10/2Benoit RouxUniversity of ChicagoPatrick Charbonneau Molecular Dynamics Studies of P-type ATPase Ion Pumps
10/9Fall Break
10/16Angela DePaceHarvard Medical SchoolStefano Di Talia Precision and Plasticity in Animal Transcription
10/23Hilmar LappDuke University/GCBPaul Magwene Towards computational science with phenotype descriptions: From large-scale candidate gene discovery to reproducible data synthesis for morphological trait evolution
10/30Alan BoyleUniversity of MichiganKyle Moran "Identifying Negative Regulatory Elements"
11/6Tim ElstonUNCDebraj GhoseCompetition, coexistence, and bistability in polarity establishment
11/13Srini TuragaHoward Hughes Medical InstituteGraham HoltFrom biological neural networks to artificial neural networks
12/4David OrlandoSyros PharmaceuticalsKyle Moran Translating transcriptional inhibition into new therapies
12/18Winter Break