Terrie Moffitt, PhD

Terrie Moffitt
Grey House, Suite 201 2020 W. Main Street, Box 104410 Durham, NC 27708

Terrie Moffitt, PhD

Knut Schmidt Nielsen Professor Professor, Duke Psychology and Neuroscience Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

My expertise is in the areas of longitudinal methods, developmental theory, clinical mental health research, neuropsychology, and genomics in behavioral science. I am interested in the consequences of a lifetime of mental and behavioral disorder on processes of aging.

Terrie E. Moffitt researches the interplay between nature and nurture in the origins of problem behaviors. Her particular interest is in antisocial and criminal behaviors. She is Associate Director of the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study in New Zealand, which conducts a 32-year longitudinal study of a 1972 birth cohort of 1000 individuals and their families. She also directs the Environmental-Risk Longitudinal Twin Study ("E-risk"), which follows a 1994 birth cohort of 1116 British families with twins.

For her research, she has received the American Psychological Association's Early Career Contribution Award (1993) and Distinguished Career Award in Clinical Child Psychology (2006), and the Stockholm Prize for her work in criminology (2007). She is a fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (1999), the American Society of Criminology (2003), the British Academy (2004), and Academia Europaea (2005).

She has served on investigative panels for institutions such as the Nuffield Council on Bioethics (ethics of behavioral genetic research) and the US National Academy of Sciences (research into firearms and violence).

Research Interests

Neuropsychological assessment and intelligence
Longitudinal methods
Measurement of abnormal behavior
Antisocial behavior and domestic violence
Natural history of mental disorders from childhood to adulthood
Gene - environment interplay in psychopathology

Recent Publications

Reuben, A; Arseneault, L; Beddows, A; Beevers, SD; Moffitt, TE; Ambler, A; Latham, RM; Newbury, JB; Odgers, CL; Schaefer, JD; Fisher, HL
April 1, 2021
Elliott, ML; Knodt, AR; Caspi, A; Moffitt, TE; Hariri, AR
April 1, 2021
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April 1, 2021
Latham, RM; Kieling, C; Arseneault, L; Botter-Maio Rocha, T; Beddows, A; Beevers, SD; Danese, A; De Oliveira, K; Kohrt, BA; Moffitt, TE; Mondelli, V; Newbury, JB; Reuben, A; Fisher, HL
March 25, 2021
Hannon, E; Mansell, G; Walker, E; Nabais, MF; Burrage, J; Kepa, A; Best-Lane, J; Rose, A; Heck, S; Moffitt, TE; Caspi, A; Arseneault, L; Mill, J
March 19, 2021
Elliott, ML; Caspi, A; Houts, RM; Ambler, A; Broadbent, JM; Hancox, RJ; Harrington, H; Hogan, S; Keenan, R; Knodt, A; Leung, JH; Melzer, TR; Purdy, SC; Ramrakha, S; Richmond-Rakerd, LS; Righarts, A; Sugden, K; Thomson, WM; Thorne, PR; Williams, BS; Wilson, G; Hariri, AR; Poulton, R; Moffitt, TE
March 15, 2021