Andrew Allen, PhD

Andrew Allen, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

My research focuses on developing new statistical methods for identifying susceptibility loci involved in complex human disease.  It involves a mix of genetics, statistics, and computer science and is motivated by the complexities of real data encountered in collaborative disease-gene mapping projects.

Andrew Allen received his Ph.D. from Emory University in 2001. Dr. Allen is also a member in the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Recent Publications

Stanley, KE; Giordano, J; Thorsten, V; Buchovecky, C; Thomas, A; Ganapathi, M; Liao, J; Dharmadhikari, AV; Revah-Politi, A; Ernst, M; Lippa, N; Holmes, H; Povysil, G; Hostyk, J; Parker, CB; Goldenberg, R; Saade, GR; Dudley, DJ; Pinar, H; Hogue, C; Reddy, UM; Silver, RM; Aggarwal, V; Allen, AS; Wapner, RJ; Goldstein, DB
September 1, 2020
Hwang, H; Szucs, MJ; Ding, LJ; Allen, A; Ren, X; Haensgen, H; Gao, F; Rhim, H; Andrade, A; Pan, JQ; Carr, SA; Ahmad, R; Xu, W
July 29, 2020
Zhang, M; Gelfman, S; McCarthy, J; Harms, MB; Moreno, CAM; Goldstein, DB; Allen, AS
June 1, 2020
Teoh, J; Subramanian, N; Pero, ME; Bartolini, F; Amador, A; Kanber, A; Williams, D; Petri, S; Yang, M; Allen, AS; Beal, J; Haut, SR; Frankel, WN
February 1, 2020
Majoros, WH; Kim, Y-S; Barrera, A; Li, F; Wang, X; Cunningham, SJ; Johnson, GD; Guo, C; Lowe, WL; Scholtens, DM; Hayes, MG; Reddy, TE; Allen, AS
January 15, 2020