Scott Schmidler, PhD

Scott Schmidler
(919) 684-8064
223D Old Chem
Durham, NC 27708-0251

Scott Schmidler, PhD

Associate Professor of Statistical Science and Computer Science

My group works on stochastic models and algorithms for complex, high-dimensional, dynamical systems arising from the physical or biological sciences. My theoretical interests lie at the intersection of applied probability, Bayesian statistics, statistical mechanics, and theoretical computer science.

Applications: I have particular interests in structural biology, biophysics, and physical chemistry. We currently work on problems related to protein folding, vaccine design, and molecular engineering. Recently I have also expanded into problems in systems biology, and stochastic epidemic models.

Theory: Stochastic processes, dynamical systems theory, mixing times of Markov chains, randomized algorithms, computational complexity.

Some ongoing projects and themes are described below, followed by a list of Collaborations.

Recent Publications

Larson, G; Thorne, JL; Schmidler, S
January 1, 2018
VanDerwerken, D; Schmidler, SC
July 3, 2017
Cooke, B; Herzog, DP; Mattingly, JC; Mckinle, SA; Schmidler, SC
January 1, 2017
Ben-Shachar, R; Schmidler, S; Koelle, K
November 17, 2016
Estrada, R; Tomasi, C; Schmidler, SC; Farsiu, S
August 1, 2015