Kris Wood, PhD

Kris Wood
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Kris Wood, PhD

Assistant Professor

Our lab is broadly interested in devising methods to better connect cancer patients with effective therapeutic strategies. Meeting this goal is challenging, as patient tumors are heterogeneous, genetically complex, and evolvable. Further, there are many potential drugs that can be assembled in many combinations. To address this challenge, we are developing advanced functional genomic technologies that allow us to systematically map the genetic determinants of drug sensitivity and then directly connect these to effective therapeutic strategies. Additionally, we are developing analytical approaches to 
design selective combination therapeutics as well as methods for the direct screening of therapeutic targets in patient-derived tumors. Beyond purely translational applications, our studies should advance our basic understanding of the architectures of biological signaling networks, and the genomic tools we develop may be useful for systematically studying a wide range of additional biological processes.

Recent Publications

Su, A; Ling, F; Vaganay, C; Sodaro, G; Benaksas, C; Dal Bello, R; Forget, A; Pardieu, B; Lin, KH; Rutter, JC; Bassil, CF; Fortin, G; Pasanisi, J; Antony-Debré, I; Alexe, G; Benoist, J-F; Pruvost, A; Pikman, Y; Qi, J; Schlageter, M-H; Micol, J-B; Roti, G; Cluzeau, T; Dombret, H; Preudhomme, C; Fenouille, N; Benajiba, L; Golan, HM; Stegmaier, K; Lobry, C; Wood, KC; Itzykson, R; Puissant, A
December 1, 2020
Vaseva, AV; Bandyopadhyay, A; Del Pozo, V; Goodwin, CM; Gautam, P; Wennerberg, K; Wood, KC; Chen, Y; Der, CJ; Houghton, PJ
July 1, 2020
Ozkan-Dagliyan, I; Diehl, JN; George, SD; Schaefer, A; Papke, B; Klotz-Noack, K; Waters, AM; Goodwin, CM; Gautam, P; Pierobon, M; Peng, S; Gilbert, TSK; Lin, KH; Dagliyan, O; Wennerberg, K; Petricoin, EF; Tran, NL; Bhagwat, SV; Tiu, RV; Peng, S-B; Herring, LE; Graves, LM; Sers, C; Wood, KC; Cox, AD; Der, CJ
June 16, 2020
Vaseva, AV; Bandyopadhyay, A; Del Pozzo, V; Goodwin, CM; Gautam, P; Wennerberg, K; Wood, KC; Der, CJ; Houghton, PJ
May 1, 2020
Lin, KH; Rutter, JC; Xie, A; Pardieu, B; Winn, ET; Bello, RD; Forget, A; Itzykson, R; Ahn, Y-R; Dai, Z; Sobhan, RT; Anderson, GR; Singleton, KR; Decker, AE; Winter, PS; Locasale, JW; Crawford, L; Puissant, A; Wood, KC
April 1, 2020