Greg Field, PhD

Greg Field
(919) 681-7503
Box 3209, Durham, NC 27710; Bryan Research Building, 311 Research Drive Room 427D, Durham, NC 27710

Greg Field, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neurobiology, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
My laboratory studies how the retina processes visual scenes and transmits this information to the brain.  We use multi-electrode arrays to record the activity of hundreds of retina neurons simultaneously in conjunction with transgenic mouse lines and chemogenetics to manipulate neural circuit function. We are interested in three major areas. First, we work to understand how neurons in the retina are functionally connected. Second we are studying how light-adaptation and circadian rhythms alter visual processing in the retina. Finally, we are working to understand the mechanisms of retinal degenerative conditions and we are investigating potential treatments in animal models.

Research Interests

Systems Biology

Recent Publications

Yao, X; Cafaro, J; McLaughlin, AJ; Postma, FR; Paul, DL; Awatramani, G; Field, GD
October 1, 2018
Ravi, S; Ahn, D; Greschner, M; Chichilnisky, EJ; Field, GD
September 24, 2018
Ray, TA; Roy, S; Kozlowski, C; Wang, J; Cafaro, J; Hulbert, SW; Wright, CV; Field, GD; Kay, JN
April 3, 2018
Solomon, AM; Westbrook, T; Field, GD; McGee, AW
January 1, 2018
Johnson, EN; Westbrook, T; Shayesteh, R; Chen, EL; Schumacher, JW; Fitzpatrick, D; Field, GD
December 14, 2017
Sethuramanujam, S; Yao, X; deRosenroll, G; Briggman, KL; Field, GD; Awatramani, GB
December 1, 2017