David Richardson, PhD

David Richardson
(919) 684-6010
132 Nanaline H Duke
Durham, NC 27710

David Richardson, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry

Protein structure, folding, and design; 3D computer graphics; x-ray crystallography.

The long-term goal of the Richardson lab is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the 3D structures of proteins, including their description, determinants, folding, evolution, and control. This has now been broadened to include RNA structures. Our approaches include structural bioinformatics, macromolecular crystallography, molecular graphics, analysis of structures, and methods development, currently focussed on the improvement of structural accuracy. 

Recent Publications

Richardson, JS; Williams, CJ; Hintze, BJ; Chen, VB; Prisant, MG; Videau, LL; Richardson, DC
February 1, 2018
Williams, CJ; Headd, JJ; Moriarty, NW; Prisant, MG; Videau, LL; Deis, LN; Verma, V; Keedy, DA; Hintze, BJ; Chen, VB; Jain, S; Lewis, SM; Arendall, WB; Snoeyink, J; Adams, PD; Lovell, SC; Richardson, JS; Richardson, DC
January 1, 2018
Hintze, BJ; Richardson, JS; Richardson, DC
October 2, 2017
Zheng-Bradley, X; Streeter, I; Fairley, S; Richardson, D; Clarke, L; Flicek, P; 1000 Genomes Project Consortium,
July 1, 2017