David Beratan, PhD

David Beratan
(919) 660-1526
5311 French Science Center, Durham, NC 27708; Box 90346, Durham, NC 27708

David Beratan, PhD

RJ Reynolds Professor

Beratan’s group develops and uses the tools of theoretical chemistry to understand how function emerges in biological and man-made molecular structures.  The group also employs the understanding that emerges from their studies to design high-performance synthetic systems.  Applications are targeted in molecular biophysics, physical organic and inorganic chemistry, energy science, drug discovery, molecular library design, and opto-electronics.  Because of the strong links to experimental science, many studies in Beratan's group are carried out in close collaboration with experimental groups.

Recent Publications

Bloom, BP; Liu, R; Zhang, P; Ghosh, S; Naaman, R; Beratan, DN; Waldeck, DH
October 5, 2018
Seefeldt, LC; Peters, JW; Beratan, DN; Bothner, B; Minteer, SD; Raugei, S; Hoffman, BM
September 8, 2018
Ma, Z; Antoniou, P; Zhang, P; Skourtis, SS; Beratan, DN
September 1, 2018
Seefeldt, LC; Hoffman, BM; Peters, JW; Raugei, S; Beratan, DN; Antony, E; Dean, DR
September 1, 2018