Andrew Allen, PhD

Andrew Allen
(919) 668-8043
203 Research Drive Ste 301, 301D MSRB I
Durham, NC 27705

Andrew Allen

Professor of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

My research focuses on developing new statistical methods for identifying susceptibility loci involved in complex human disease.  It involves a mix of genetics, statistics, and computer science and is motivated by the complexities of real data encountered in collaborative disease-gene mapping projects.

Andrew Allen received his Ph.D. from Emory University in 2001. Dr. Allen is also a member in the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Recent Publications

Nicolas, A; Kenna, KP; Renton, AE; Ticozzi, N; Faghri, F; Chia, R; Dominov, JA; Kenna, BJ; Nalls, MA; Keagle, P; Rivera, AM; van Rheenen, W; Murphy, NA; van Vugt, JJFA; Geiger, JT; Van der Spek, RA; Pliner, HA; Shankaracharya, ; Smith, BN; Marangi, G; Topp, SD; Abramzon, Y; Gkazi, AS; Eicher, JD; Kenna, A; ITALSGEN Consortium, ; Mora, G; Calvo, A; Mazzini, L; Riva, N; Mandrioli, J; Caponnetto, C; Battistini, S; Volanti, P; La Bella, V; Conforti, FL; Borghero, G; Messina, S; Simone, IL et al.
March 1, 2018
Kleinstein, SE; Shea, PR; Allen, AS; Koelle, DM; Wald, A; Goldstein, DB
February 28, 2018
Zhu, X; Padmanabhan, R; Copeland, B; Bridgers, J; Ren, Z; Kamalakaran, S; O'Driscoll-Collins, A; Berkovic, SF; Scheffer, IE; Poduri, A; Mei, D; Guerrini, R; Lowenstein, DH; Allen, AS; Heinzen, EL; Goldstein, DB
November 29, 2017
Acharya, CR; Owzar, K; Allen, AS
October 18, 2017
Griffin, NG; Cronin, KD; Walley, NM; Hulette, CM; Grant, GA; Mikati, MA; LaBreche, HG; Rehder, CW; Allen, AS; Crino, PB; Heinzen, EL
September 1, 2017