Oxford Nanopore

oxford nanopore Gridion xsOxford Nanopore Technologies developed unique platforms for the sequencing of long contiguous DNA strands. This third generation sequencing technology uses flow cells with trans-membrane protein pores to read strands of DNA by base associated electrical signal. Oxford Nanopore library preparation kits allow for the sequencing of native DNA, eliminating PCR bias from the data while maintaining strand methylation status. The long reads generated by Oxford Nanopore Technologies are important for detecting structural variants throughout the genome.

The core operates a Nanopore GridION Mk1 which runs 5 flow cells at a time. The instrument can generate up to 10Gb of data per flow cell with read length upwards of 100Kb. Output per flow cell can vary greatly based on the quality of the DNA. 


To take advantage of this sequencing technology, we recommend that you use our High Molecular Weight Extraction services

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