Xevo TQ-S MS

Xevo TQ-S MS

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Xevo TQ-S

XevoTM TQ from Waters Corporation is designed for quantitative UPLC/MS/MS applications, so you can confidently quantify and confirm trace components in the most complex of samples. What's more, you can do this with unparalleled ease, speed and accuracy.

Xevo TQ features ScanWaveTM collision cell technology to provide enhanced spectral LC/MS/MS data acquisition capabilities. Unlike conventional tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers, Xevo TQ is designed to provide not only the very best quantitative data but also superior spectral MS/MS information. You benefit from more versatility in a single instrument platform adaptable to a wide variety of different UPLC/MS/MS applications both quantitative and qualitative: bioanalysis; absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) screening; food safety; environmental monitoring; forensic and more.


  • Engineered SimplicityTM - the combination of highest performance with system versatility and simplicity of operation
  • ScanWave - innovative technology that provides rapid, high quality, UPLC(R)-compatible, MS/MS data acquisition
  • RADAR - an information rich acquisition approach that allows you to collect highly specific quantitative data for target compounds while providing the ability to visualize all other components
  • Versatility - an extensive range of ionization capabilities to service the broadest range of applications
  • Simplicity of operation - guarantees maximum system performance accessible to the broadest range of users