Unbiased ('omic) Differential Expression Proteomics

Proteomics provides qualitative and quantitative information on the direct products of gene expression - proteins. Differential expression proteomics characterizes changes in the proteome due to biological challenges such as genotype, disease state and drug treatment. Additional applications include characterization of protein:protein interactions and biomarker identification.

  • Full support: Experimental design, sample preparation, sample analysis and initial data analysis
  • State-of-the-art LC/MS/MS based technology using rigorous quality control metrics
  • Technology applicable to cell lines, tissues and biofluids
  • Cell lines and tissues yield coverage for several thousand proteins without fractionation; up to ~8,000 proteins with isobaric tagging and fractionation

Embryo Samples: 14,351 peptides and 3,362 proteins

Principal Component Analysis

Principal Component Analysis

Expression results Z-score normalized with 2D Agglomerative Cluser Analysis

Expression results Z-score normalized with 2d Agglomerative Cluster Analysis


  1. Sample Preparation
  2. LC/MS/MS
  3. Data Workup

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