Targeted Differential Expression Proteomics

Targeted differential expression proteomics characterizes the changes in the proteome as a function of biological challenges such as genotype, disease state, drug treatment and cell cycle. As these experiments are targeted to specific proteins, they are hypothesis-driven assays, including biomarker verification.

  • Full support - experimental design, sample preparation and analysis, initial data analysis
  • State-of-the-art LC/MS/MS based technology using Multiple Reaction Monitoring
  • Stable isotope labeled peptide standards are used to provide "absolute" quantitation
  • High throughput, high sensitivity and high reproducibility
  • Can be multiplexed for hundreds of peptides

Tumor Associated Antigen assay applied to Drug Resistance Model of two HER2+ Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Principal Component Analysis

Breast Cancer Cell Lines Principal Component Analysis

Expression results Z-score normalized with 2D Agglomerative Cluster Analysis

Breast Cancer Cell Lines Expression Results


  1. Sample Preparation
  2. LC/MS/MS
  3. Data Workup

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