Synapt G2 High Definition Mass Spectrometer

Synapt G2 High Definition Mass Spectrometer

The facility has two Synapt G2 systems.

The second generation SYNAPTTM G2 platform from Waters Corporation provides a new dimension of performance to drive your scientific discovery like never before. We've combined QuanTofTM - breakthrough quantitative Tof technology - and enhanced High Definition MSTM technSynapt G2ologies to provide you with intuitive operation, application flexibility and a totally new level of performance for all your applications.

SYNAPT G2 MS is a high resolution exact MS/MS platform designed to get you to the right result, faster - no matter how challenging your application is - whether you specialize in metabolite profiling, proteomics, biomarker discovery, biopharmaceuticals or screening applications.

Thanks to Engineered SimplicityTM, SYNAPT G2 MS provides a high resolution exact MS/MS system with unique productivity advantages. Integrating new QuanTof technology from Waters Corporation, it is the product of our very latest innovations to deliver new levels of MS performance, productivity and versatility to your laboratory:

  • IntelliStartTM Technology for simplified system setup and automated control.
  • ACQUITY UPLC® Technology for the highest chromatographic resolution, speed and sensitivity.
  • QuanTof Technology ensures you'll capture the most complete and informative exact mass data in UPLC® timeframes, complemented by UPLC/MSE capability to capture all of the data all of the time.
  • MassLynxTM Informatics combines the power of exact mass data and a built-in understanding of chemistry to deliver simple, rapid data interpretation and compound identification.
  • Unrivaled productivity and flexibility allows you to customize theworld's most powerful MS system to your needs with multiple ionization options, unique system solution productivity, and future upgrade pathways.
  • Decisions made easy thanks to Engineered Simplicity, which delivers the highest performance and simplicity throughout your entire workflow so experienced and novice users alike can generate high quality results consistently