Protein Sample Processing

Protein Sample Processing

scientist in front of equipmentThe following are sample processing and cleanup procedures that are offered by the Proteomics and Metabolomics Shared Resource. Prior to mass spectrometry analysis, samples should be salt, buffer, and detergent free. All other sample solution conditions must be discussed with the staff prior to sample submission. Providing the cleanest samples possible will greatly enhance our ability to provide you with the best mass spectrometry data. Should you desire to perform some of these protocols yourself, please see our sample preparation protocols and contact Arthur Moseley, Will Thompson, or Erik Soderblom for the best procedure for your sample.

  • Sample Cleanup with C18 Zip Tip or MW cutoff Filter (Amicon 4)
  • Depletion of High Abundance Proteins from Plasma
  • Sub-proteome fractionation based on:

              Glycosylation (Hydrazide Bead Chemistry)

              Phosphorylation (IMAC or TiO2 enrichment)

  • Denaturation (using mass spectrometry compatible detergent - Rapigest)
  • Reduction, alkylation, digestion (free solution or in-gel)