Pricing For Core Service Support for Duke and Non-Duke Scientists

Note: Scientific collaborations with academic, government, and non-profit laboratories outside Duke are welcome. Please contact us for details.

Please note: Prices below are based on an a-la-carte menu of services to maximize flexibility in experimental designs and comply with auditing regulations. Most analyses will require combinations of these services. Please see the FAQs for additional information. All prices are effective August 1, 2021.

Sample Preparation (Proteomics)

Duke Non-Duke
Mini-Bradford Assay (per plate, 20 samples max) $44 $71
   - NOTE - Bradford Assays required for all solution phase analyses
General Sample Preparation - Proteomics (cost per method) $57 $92
           In-Solution Digestion*
            FFPE Protein Extraction
           In-situ/bead-bound digestion
Tissue Disruption/Lysis and Protein Extraction (RapiGest, Urea,TriZol, or Bead Blasting)        $28 $45
In-Gel Digestion (per spot or band)* $60 $97
S-trap Digestion $101 $163
Sample Cleanup Procedures (cost per method) $47 $76
            Solid Phase Extraction (C18, HLB, MCX)
            Buffer exchange by ZebaSpin
            Protein Precipitation and Resuspension
            Biotin-Avidin enrichment
Amicon MW Cutoff Filtration $62 $100
TiO2 enrichment for phosphopeptides $59 $95
Glycopeptide enrichment $107 $172
1D PAGE Gel Separation (Protein Level) $124 $200
OFFGEL pl Fractionation (12 or 24 fraction, peptide or protein) Contact Contact
GELFREE Molecular Weight Fractionation (protein level) Contact Contact
Offline Fractionation (high pH C18) $189 $304
Biofluid Immunodepletion, including MW filter cleanup
            Spin Column Format (Pierce Hu-12 or Agilent MU-3) $136 $219
            LC Format (Agilent MARS-14) $210 $338
Antibody-Based Enrichment (not including antibody reagent costs) $76 $122
*Additional reagents charge for digestions with enzymes other than Trypsin* Contact Contact

Sample Preparation (Metabolomics)

Duke Non-Duke
MeOH Precipitation with Internal Standards - Biofluids included included
Solid Sample Solubilization (Cells, Tumor) by Bead Blasting, Probe Sonication, or Tissue Tearing $28 $45
Mini-Bradford Assay (per plate, 20 samples max) $44 $71
  -NOTE - this is used to normalize to total biomass
Specialized Per-Sample Preparation for Specific Assays is Included in the Cost/Sample n/a n/a
Pharmacokinetics Plate Prep (biofluids) $76 $122

Qualitative Analyses (Proteomics)

Duke Non-Duke
LC-MS/MS analysis (simple in-gel digest - very fast gradient) $93 $150
LC-MS/MS analysis (in-gel or solution digest of simple sample - fast gradient) $160 $258
LC-MS/MS analysis (moderately complex - medium gradient) $203 $327
LC-MS/MS analysis (complex sample - slow gradient) $240 $386
LC-MS/MS analysis (very complex sample - very slow gradient) $285 $459
Molecular Weight Determination (per sample) $68 $109
         MW Setup Fee (per order) $156 $251
ZipChip Profiling Method $70 $113

Quantitative Analyses, Unbiased (Proteomics)

Duke Non-Duke
LC-MS/MS Differential Expression (per sample), 15-min. gradient $104 $167
LC-MS/MS Differential Expression (per sample), 30-min. gradient $260 $419
LC-MS/MS Differential Expression (per sample), 60-min. gradient $304 $489
*LC-MS/MS Differential Expression (per sample), 90-min. gradient $349 $562
LC-MS/MS Differential Expression (per sample), 120-min. gradient $388 $625
Quantitative 1D Workup - Proteome Discoverer, Spectronaut or Elucidator (analysis per sample) $149 $240

Quantitative Analyses, Targeted (Proteomics)

*Stable Isotope Labeled Peptides are provided at third party vendor cost. Methods are developed and performed on nanoAcquity UPLC and TQ-S triple quadrupole mass spectrometer unless otherwise stated. The shortest method possible is used for quantification of the number of analytes requested, using retention-time scheduled MRM technology. Typically, at least two peptides per protein and three transitions per peptide are used for MRM quantitative assays.

Duke Non-Duke
Targeted (MRM) Quantitation Method Development, priced per hour Contact Contact
MRM Quantitative Data Collection (30 min gradient) $125 $201
MRM Quantitative Data Collection (60 min gradient) $169 $272
MRM Quantitative Data Collection (90 min gradient) $205 $330
MRM Data Analysis in Skyline, priced per hour Contact Contact

Quantitative Analysis (Metabolomics)

All prices are on a per-sample basis.

Duke Non-Duke
AbsoluteIDQ p180 Panel (kit from Biocrates, Inc.)* $56 $90
MxP Quant 500 Panel (kit from Biocrates, Inc.)* $84 $135
Bile Acids Panel (kit from Biocrates, Inc.)* $41 $66
Hydroxycholesterols Panel** $139 $224
27-Hydroxycholesterol quantitation** $82 $132
Fast HR Metabolite Profiling (RPLC OR HILIC, ESI+ OR ESI-) $153 $246
High Resolution Lipid Profiling, ESI+ and ESI- $271 $436
PK Analysis - method development Contact Contact
     per sample with in-house developed method** $32 $52
Short Chain Fatty Acids Analysis** $65 $105
Sphingosine S1P Panel** $47 $76
ZipChip Profiling Method $70 $113

*These assays require additional purchase of kit consumables from Biocrates, Inc. Negotiated prices may vary significantly depending on the number of samples to be analyzed.

**These assays will incur an extra charge for running a standard curve, quality control injections, and blanks.

Data Analysis

Duke Non-Duke
Custom Database Setup for MASCOT or Identify $27 $43
Additional Database Searches $35 $56
Consulting and Extensive Data Mining (per hour) $70 $113

FAQ Total Pricing Examples

Total Pricing for Common Workflows:

Duke Non-Duke
Digestion and Very Fast LC-MS/MS of 1D Gel Band for simple ID $153 $247
     (In-gel Digestion, 20-min gradient LC-MS/MS)
Analysis of Immunoprecipitation Samples (2) by 90-min gradient $638 $1,027
     (Bradford assay, in-solution digestion, 90-min LC-MS/MS)
Quantitative 1DLC Analysis between two conditions, requiring n=3 biol samples per condition. 1DLC, with coverage of ~1,000 proteins $3,374 $5,435
      (Bradford assay, in-solution digestion, quantitative LC-MS/MS, and quantitative workup including statistics and M&M for publication)
Qualitative Phosphorylation Mapping from a Simple Sample, i.e. gel band $322 $519
       (In-gel digestion, TiO2 enrichment, Medium 1D LC-MS/MS)
Qualitative Phosphorylation Mapping from a Complex Sample $400 $644
       (Bradford, macroscale digestion, TiO2 enrichment, Slow 1D LC-MS/MS)

For additional pricing examples for your particular study, please consult with the Proteomics and Metabolomics Shared Resource.