Metabolomics Oxylipins Polyamines Methionine Sphingosine Short-Chain Fatty Acids Bile Acids Biocrates

The Proteomics and Metabolomics Shared Resource has several targeted platforms for the quantification of several classes of metabolites.  Each available platform is listed in the table below with links to relevant pages containing further information on the specific compounds analyzed.  


Number of Compounds Analyzed

Volume of Sample Required (uL)

Bile Acids

16 human, 19 mouse

30 serum/plasma

30 mg tissue

Biocrates p180


30 biofluids 30 mg tissue

Biocrates Q500


90 serum/plasma, 200 CSF

30 mg tissue

Free Fatty Acids


30 mg tissue



50 mg tissue

 Methionine Pathway


Experiment specific



150 biofluids 30 mg tissue



500 biofluids 20 mg tissue

Sphingosine Panel


30 biofluids 50 mg tissue

Short Chain Fatty Acids


50 mg tissue

Purines and Pyrimidines


Experiment specific

Energy Panel (TCA Cycle & Nucleotide Met.)


30 biofluids 30 mg tissue



15 mg tissue

Please note that the number of compounds analyzed is a maximum number possible for the assay.  Your experiment and samples may not result in quantifiable or measurable levels of all analytes.  For example, while the Q500 assay targets 633 metabolites, triplicate analysis of 'normal' serum (Golden West Reference Pool) found 504 analytes quantitated 3 of 3 times with a 7.8% CV.  An additional 12 analytes were quantitated 2 of 3 times.  And another 12 were quantitated 1 of 3 times.  These number are reflective of the concentration of these analytes in 'normal' serum.

In addition to the platforms above, DPMSR also has capabilities to perform basic pharmacokinetics experiments and method development for many compounds not listed above.  For every analysis, we include calibration standards, quality control standards, blank samples, and internal standards (either istopically labeled or chemical surrogates) as needed depending on your unique experiment.  

We cannot accept samples without prior consultation, even if we have analyzed samples for you from previous experiments.  Please email Will Thompson or Arthur Moseley to discuss your experiment if you would like to submit samples for analysis.  Additionally, on each metabolomics platform page there are individuals  listed with expertise in that platform, and those scientists can serve as platform-specific contacts.

Our group focuses on the development of targeted metabolomics strategies to quantify metabolites.  Comparing non-targeted metabolomics analysis with targeted metabolomics reveals pros and cons for each, which ultimately favors targeted metabolomics as shown in the figure below.

Metabolomics Targeted Untargeted Pros Cons Quantification