Funding Opportunities

Duke Microbiome Center Development Grants

Microbial communities (microbiomes) are known to contribute significantly to human health and disease, regulate global biogeochemistry, and harbor much of our planet’s genetic diversity. The Duke Microbiome Center (DMC) supports microbiome science at Duke University through pilot project funding. The DMC is pleased to announce this new request for proposals for DMC Development Grants. Each grant will receive funding up to $100,000. The objective of the DMC Development Grant program is to support interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects in the microbiome sciences at Duke University. To be eligible for consideration, the PI of the proposal must be a faculty member at Duke University currently affiliated with the DMC (see DMC faculty list here). Applications must include as co-investigators at least one additional faculty member at Duke, though they need not be currently affiliated with the DMC.

Application Deadline: Noon EST, Monday, May 13, 2019

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Duke Microbiome Center rolling voucher program

Duke University has established shared resources that avail state-of-the-art technologies to interrogate microbiome structure and function to Duke investigators. The Duke Microbiome Center is pleased to announce a new rolling voucher program to provide its investigators access to these shared resources, particularly for microbiome projects that are not yet externally funded. Eligibility is limited to Duke Microbiome Center faculty and their trainees, and the maximum budget is $5,000. 

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