Informatic Analysis

We support, maintain and apply field-standard tools and methods for analysis of high-throughput genomic technologies. Complete pipelines for the most common analyses are being developed and will be made available to Duke researchers. The facility works to maintain awareness of novel tools and methods; we will assess their usefulness based on their impact in literature as well as their agreement with existing methods.

Examples of analyses we can perform and assist with:

  • Multi-species gene expression comparisons
  • Identification of novel miRNAs in plants and animals
  • Identification of RNA-binding protein interaction sites with PAR-CLIP or HITS-CLIP data
  • Analysis of RIP-ChIP data
  • Motif finding and other sequence analysis
  • Combining expression data with chromatin information to identify likely regulatory regions
  • Analysis of microbial sequencing data with Duke Center for the Genomics of Microbial Systems (GeMS)

The core facility will provide a full report describing all methods used and any relevant publication-ready images for each analysis performed.

To contact us about analyzing a dataset or developing custom code for your lab, please email us at: