Computational Solutions resources and services fall under both the overall Duke University Information Security policies, and the additional Duke Medicine Information Security Policies. In particular, unless stated otherwise, our resources are on the protected DHTS network and fully eligible to be used with sensitive data, such as PHI or HIPAA-protected data.

Almost all Computational Solutions infrastructure is on the DHTS network. To have access, you must have an active DHE (Duke Health Enterprises) account. We can sponsor accounts for most clients that do not have one, or request that it be reactivated if it has been disabled due to inactivity (alternatively, call the Duke Medicine service desk at 919-684-2243).

Current outages of computer, networking, and phone systems are reported on OIT's website, which has lots of other useful information. The OIT service desk is available by phone at 919-684-2200.

Because the Computational Solutions resources are on the DHTS network, you must be on the DHTS network to access them. This can be accomplished by connecting to the CLUBS wireless network, using wall ports on the DHTS network (such as those in 2nd floor CIEMAS), or by connecting to the Duke Medicine VPN. Connecting to Duke University VPN will not work.