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Genomic and Personalized Medicine 2nd Edition

Genomic and Personalized Medicine 2nd edition is a major discussion of the structure, history, and applications of the field, as it emerges from the campus and lab into clinical action. As with the first edition, leading experts review the development of the new science, the current opportunities for genome-based analysis in healthcare, and the potential of genomic medicine in future healthcare. The inclusion of the latest information on diagnostic testing, population screening, disease susceptability, and pharmacogenomics makes this work an ideal companion for the many stakeholders of genomic and personalized medicine.
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Last Chance! Applications for Summer Fellowship Due Feb 7th

February 2014
For the 11th year, we will host our annual 10-week Interdisciplinary Genome Sciences & Policy Summer Fellowships for undergraduates. With a focus on integrative genomics and quantitative approaches to biology and medicine, students will gain an appreciation of major questions in genome sciences and policy currently under investigation through faculty-mentored research projects as well as weekly discussions with faculty, student research discussions, planned social activities, and end-of-summer research presentations.
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